Keeping Everything Organized with an Ogio Backpack

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Cutting edge convenience is the hallmark of the Ogio backpack design. Each backpack is a storage mosaic made up of dozens of specialized compartments. Within many of these spaces, carefully engineered protective linings shelter the user’s small necessities from accidental damage, while keeping them within easy reach. Maximizing the efficiency of storage is another goal that Ogio packs aim for and, in the main, accomplish.

Keeping a large number of items close by and safely shielded from being broken by an impact or squashed is not enough for true backpack convenience. If many items are jumbled together inside a protective space, totally shielded from outside damage but completely disorganized, plucking one out of the chaos will be time-consuming, causing a lot of rummaging and delay. By contrast, the Ogio pack provides thorough, rational organization, putting scores of items at your fingertips simultaneously.

Having dozens of small but extremely useful items within easy reach is a frequent necessity in today’s highly mobile, high tech world. Cell phones, iPads, e-readers, laptop computers, cameras, PDAs, smart phones, sunglasses, eyeglasses, a computer mouse or two, pens, GPS devices – all these and more are often found in the typical “kit” people take with them everywhere from the office to around the globe.

Who is most helped by an Ogio backpack?

An Ogio backpack is excessive for someone who has very simple carrying needs. A user with no cell phones, electronics, sunglasses, and other small items, will be better served by a plain, cheap backpack that consists of one or two large, zippered spaces. The plethora of small, self-contained compartments in an Ogio pack is useless for carrying just a few large items.

In short, these backpacks are not useful in every conceivable situation.  However, they offer excellent functionality for the majority of modern backpack users. The more small items you carry with you on a regular basis, the more convenience these knapsacks offer to you. Designed for those who use and carry a lot of tech, these packs are great for the modern man or woman on the move, who wants to bring their laptop and other gadgets with them to any location with hands-free convenience.

Protective backpack technology

An Ogio backpack provides many carefully sized and designed spaces to accommodate a huge range of modern accessories. Though many of these are meant for you to use as best suits your needs, there are plenty of “gadget ready” spaces as well:

  • Some of the larger compartments found in an Ogio backpack include a laptop sleeve (usually side-entry) and a tablet pocket (zippered, and able to hold such items as an e-reader, a tablet, an iPad, and so on).
  • Smaller compartments include a cell phone or smart phone pocket, a cord pocket for electric cords or USB cables, mouse compartments, “armored” (hard-walled) spaces for fragile items such as eyeglasses, loops for pens, and so on.

The spaces provided are not simply plain pockets, but also include special protective materials to pad the contained items against external damage. Some of the methods used to shield your times in these practical yet fashionable backpacks include:

  • Ballistic nylon construction throughout to provide general rugged protection and long-term durability for your bag.
  • Foam panels made of special proprietary iFom protect larger items such as laptops.
  • Reactive suspension system keeps items stored in the RED protected areas from touching the outer surfaces of the backpack, where impacts are most likely.
  • Anti-scratch linings that do not wear through quickly even when sharp-edged or sharp-cornered items are stored within.
  • All areas with special protection are lined with bright red, so that they can be instantly identified, and so you know immediately if an item has ordinary or extra protection.

For the man or woman on the go, carrying essential modern tools of communication, an Ogio backpack can be considered a necessity.  Access to what you need, quickly and without fuss is what these innovative backpacks are all about.

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Keeping Everything Organized with an Ogio Backpack

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Keeping Everything Organized with an Ogio Backpack

This article was published on 2012/12/13