Hidden Treasures in Black Handbags?

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My wife has been asking me for a long time to buy her a black handbag that she spotted in a store a few months ago. Since it was her birthday, I wanted to surprise her with one of the best black handbags out there.

So, I started my hunt for a good black handbag at the mall. While looking hard, and searching through countless number of stores and brands, I finally found one. This one was quite different from all other black handbags I had seen - it had a classic feel to it. The seller told me that it was an import and he sold it to me at double the price of ordinary black handbags.

I was so much in love with this bag I bought it for my wife, but since I know that she can be a stricter judge, I had bought a few others as well just in case she didn't fall in love with this one. During her birthday, I handed her all 3 black handbags. As soon as I did, I started hearing all those sweet words that I was hoping for! She was so excited that she even started to cry. Not long after that, I realized that those tears of joy weren't for the black handbags that I spend days to find. As a matter of fact, she had found lots of small diamonds inside one of them! Can you imagine that?

I immediately inquired about those diamonds to the seller and he claimed that he had misplaced this special piece among other black handbags. It turns out that he was an accomplice to a group of smugglers that had been smuggling diamonds through handbags across the 7 seas! The police had already caught the thieves but they were still looking for the merchandise.

Well, to tell you the truth, I wasn't very happy to return those diamonds, but I did, and it felt good afterwards. The good part is that as it turns out, the handbag was an antique, and we got to keep it for free as a thank you for returning the diamonds. So everybody was happy at the end of the day. Who would ever imagine that there could be hidden treasure inside one of those women black handbags?!

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I really doubt that such a thing will ever happen again, however, if you want to take a look at the latest black handbags out there, you should visit my blog. In there, you will find many stories like this one, and learn how a black handbag can help you bring out your personality.

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Hidden Treasures in Black Handbags?

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This article was published on 2010/03/26