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A fashionable leather handbag for a lady is as a luxurious watch for a man. Tasteful handbags which are indispensable accessories for women absolutely enhance their charm. Now there comes the summer, and for women, they are supposed to select a particular handbag for this season which is as fashionable and comfortable as it goes well with summer fashions. In front of various options, most women probably can not make a quick decision on what style, what color or what material (leather, fiber, sailcloth, etc.) to buy. I’d like to greatly recommend Gucci’s handbags, especially this type-AMN0G2718 NEW BANANA.

Generally, the whole design is simple and plain without too much garish decoration, yet no lack of fashion. This type of handbag is special with its edging tassel as well as its color-khaki, prevailing in this season. And the design is flexible to allow two different fashions that it can be carried on one shoulder or held around wrist with the belt of changeable length. The handbag, 38cm long, 11cm thick and 28cm tall, is perfectly suitable for those slim and tall females to outstand their temperament. There is one big fine zipper in the opening, with a piece of leather covering it. Inside the bag contains small bags for purse, cell phone, and handkerchief. One of its most predominance is that this square bag in khaki is an easy match for most summer fashions no matter it is an elegant dress or a pair of simple pants.

The year 2011 is the 90th birthday of Gucci. In order to celebrate that, Gucci’s chief designer Frida Giannini is open to introduce bold colors, combining restoring 70s design to reveal the peak fashion in 1970s -glamour style. This khaki one is the typical integrator of bold glamour and sexy luxury. The edging tassel design on this handbag that has enlightened from aristocrat fashion in Middle Age keeps pace with the restoring fashion of this summer. And the superior leather matching with the tassel demonstrates the nobleness. Looking at this pretty handbag, no one can hardly imagine such sense of individuality and freedom when holding it.

Besides, khaki is the color between warm and cool, so it will be considered to reflect neither too bright for the hot season nor too dark without vitality. If it is carried on the shoulder, a long Bohemian dress matches well with it by wearing tiny accessory such as a fashionable straw hat or a pair of sunglasses. If it is held around writs, it is better to go with OL fashions to demonstrate elegance.

One handbag with two different fashions by carrying in different ways restores the peak fashion in 70s this season. Don’t hesitate, and Gucci is the best choice.

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Gucci - Restore the Fashion

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This article was published on 2011/05/24